Accessibility in Design

Regardless of the considerations made from the beginning of a design project, addressing accessibility during development of an instructional tool is a challenge within itself. The target population usually drives the design, and depending on that population or requirements to become a member of that population, design can unintentionally ignore accessibility considerations.

I believe my design incorporated methods to accommodate social, physical, intellectual, and motivational accessibility issues while considering recognition, strategy and affect. My only audio in the beginning of the first module is accompanied by text.  Text size and the amount of text on each slide were also considered within the development to accommodate those with moderate visual impairment and cognitive ability.

I attempted to present the material utilizing text and characters to trigger interest and generate motivation to continue progress through the modules, while keeping the vocabulary at a moderate level to accommodate those individuals that may not have had the opportunity to advance their reading capabilities. It is also presented in a manner to build off a foundation of basic knowledge expected to be possessed by all individuals whether obtained through instruction, culture, social, or environmental interactions.

Additional considerations were made to ensure availability through multiple devices by providing hyperlinks to the material via email, placing the material on a generally accessible shared drive, and providing a CD. The project was also stored on a cloud based application that can be accessed via a public form of internet access such as a library or computer lab. The design also accommodates the use of a smartphone or tablet.

Although the audience for this project is very specific, the general considerations for accessibility were applied to hopefully generate a beneficial experience to all members.

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