Journal Entry #5

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I am in the fine tuning stage of my project. I can honestly say that every blog from this point on should start with the same comment. I don’t think that you ever quite leave the fine tuning stage, even when the project is complete. I have continued to share my project and receive feedback from the anticipated users. I am happy with the feedback I am receiving and I think the minor changes the feedback has generated are definitely beneficial.

The feedback from fellow students has also been very beneficial. Even more so, are the desk crits. Watching and listening to the issues that each of us has had to deal with is not only beneficial, but reassuring in its own warped way. I have gained so many great ideas for future design that I am afraid I will not have the opportunity to demonstrate them myself.

As was mentioned in class and through various emails, my urge to make some large modifications is difficult to suppress. However, having dealt with small nuances and mistakes that resulted in hours of work to correct, has reminded me that now is not the time and I will have ample time in the future to take chances and make some whole sale changes.

I am moving on to presenting my project through a video and I am finding that developing a script is difficult at this point. I want to make sure that I cover those ideas that influenced my decisions while still highlighting my proud achievements. In addition, I want this to look professional but also stay within the time allotted. I never thought that I would be the one to actually speak during a video and be concerned about running over the allotted time.

On a final note, I truly believe that creativity, much like intelligence, can be increased through practice and feedback and observation. I have no doubts that I was seriously lacking in creativity (probably still) when I started and I have since gained through practice, observation of fellow students, and feedback from all. Thank you all for your contributions.

Thanks for reading,



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