Journal Entry #4

I have managed to solve the availability issue for now, but it is only temporary. I say temporary because I started an additional free trial for “Articulate online.” This is a way to store your project on their site and generate a link that you can email to your recipients. I have found that when I am attempting to publish my project there is an option for publishing to articulate. I chose the option and while I was moving from option to option, I opened a tutorial for publishing to articulate and worked on through. It was fairly simple and the final link goes directly to my project and begins. There are no additional actions required by the student.

As far as the website availability, it is fine as long as you are not on a government computer. Did I mention that my students use government computers? I have attempted to work this out with no real progress, but it is fortunately not a show stopper since I can publish to articulate online.

Which brings me to my next revelation. I have received some awesome advice about Adobe Captivate (thanks fellow students) and I decided to dig in to it. Fortunately, Adobe has some approved contracts when it comes to government systems and it appears that this may be an alternative that I can work with. I have started the free trial and begun to work within the system a little. It appears to be fairly close to storyline as far as abilities (which thankfully use some of the same names). I am considering further development using this program and it just happens to be cheaper than Storyline.

Finally, I am in the fine tuning stage of my project. I have distributed my project to several individuals for feedback. I asked for comments on appearance, content, aesthetics, and of course time required to complete each module. Unfortunately, the time issue still remains. I knew it would depend on the individual, but I did not think the numbers would vary so greatly. Either way, I think to be safe, I will submit modules one and two in order to meet time requirements and also to see my progression in the use of the program.

Thanks for reading,



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