Journal Entry #3

The majority of my project has been developed at this point and I have experimented on my ability to “publish” each module, and make the published version available for use. This is where my current issues exist. I have learned to download the published version to my desktop, whether it is zipped or not is of no consequence. I have learned that it is beneficial to unzip prior to distribution because it is usually easier for the recipient. The only reason that I can see for keeping the file zipped is due to size.

On to my problem of availability. I have mentioned before that I work on a government network that contains many restrictions and limitations. I was able to save my published work to my desktop and then burn it to a CD. I took the CD to work and placed my product on the share drive. Everything worked fine, my colleagues were able to access the program and run the modules. I spoke with my IT section and found out that this may be an issue because it is an application and some additional research would have to be accomplished to make sure we are not breaking any rules.

Meanwhile, I decided to start my own website using advice I received during class about the various web hosting services. I chose to go with GoDaddy and started my one month trial. I previewed my page and made some minor changes, then decided to wait until I could verify my ability to access it at work. Of course, I cannot, and I believe it is a matter of an SSL certificate, but I will have to work that out with the web host.

I have had some great critiques from fellow students, as well as some great suggestions. I think everything I have heard has merit and I am taking the suggestions to heart. I am starting my review of the modules where I will make corrections and add in some of the suggestions. I do not plan on “getting crazy” just yet, but my revisions will continue well beyond my current timelines.

I hope you enjoyed the read, any suggestions are welcome.


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