Journal Entry #2

The road to acquiring knowledge and skills in the use of Storyline 3 is long, but I am making progress. I think it is good progress as well. As I mentioned before, my plan is to build four training modules to facilitate knowledge and skill progression for new Marine instructors. I have not abandoned the plan at this point, because I still think that it is feasible.

I have developed my first prototype module and I think that the design and format are pretty solid. At this point, I can copy the prototype and modify it as necessary to accommodate the instruction of the subsequent modules. I plan on sticking with the format because it is also serving as a model of the use of educational psychology principles in itself (cognitive load, cues, etc.).

I have run into my share of difficulties in this adventure. In an attempt to make my development more efficient, I would copy slides I had made for other scenes and paste them into the new scenes and just modify as needed. However, you need to pay careful attention to any triggers you may have on the copied slide and remember to change them if necessary (I learned the hard way). I have also learned how to develop a quiz and provide immediate or delayed feedback. In my attempts to provide additional feedback, I also realized that I needed to add additional content to assist in schema activation and encoding.

Importing pictures is extremely easy and I really appreciate the crop option. I have not learned how to publish at this point, which is becoming important because I need to ensure that I will be able to distribute my work. I am considering dabbling in a web page. If nothing else, get a generic version started and I have plenty of time to dress it up.

Thanks for reading,


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