Bob George Design Journal

This project involves designing a short follow-on instruction package for new Marine instructors in the principles of educational psychology. Currently, Marine instructors receive a “bare bones” instruction package that provides some supporting information on instruction, followed by practical application of basic instructional techniques. I intend to enhance the instruction they receive by providing the “why” to instruction and lesson design. I have prepared a rough version of an ICM which I have included in the design products section to guide my development of this package.

I think this project will present many challenges. This project is only a portion of an overall package which will consist of four Articulate Storyline “modules” that the instructors will utilize prior to attending the face to face portion of the package. These modules will serve as supporting information to assist the classroom performance exercises. My first challenge is to determine the length of the package, which is currently one week and the content that will be provided in each module. Additionally, trying to determine what is taught first and the follow-on order of the remaining modules is also a challenge, since much of the information overlaps.

Learning how to manipulate this blog page is also a challenge since I am not familiar with any of the controls. I think I am starting to get a handle on it now. Storyline 3 is challenging as well, but it is also fun to learn a product that seems to have endless capabilities. I feel I am fairly proficient with PowerPoint so some of the transition is smooth. I am looking forward to learning more and experimenting. I feel that if the process is too slow, I can always develop in PowerPoint and import. So far, it appears to be intuitive, so I will stick with it.


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